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How do you guys do it...

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Feb 21, 2002
I'm lookin' around the forums and I see people with wicked settings, running Turbo without a problem and with CAS2. Along with that a CPU clock @ 150+, temps in the 30's and running rock solid. I don't know what to do anymore, I picked out good stuff for my new rig but I can't seem to do what you guys do. What am I not doing?


Athlon XP 1800+ (locked, soon to be unlocked)
Epox 8k3a
Thermalright AX-7 w/ Delta 80 mm 80 cfm (bloody loud)
256 MB KingMax PC2700
30 GB Quantum 7200 RPM
Pioneer 16x DVD
SB Live! Value
4x80 mm Case Fans

At a loss....


Oct 31, 2001
Most of us have been obssessed with overclocking for a number of years. This has been a hobby for me for atleast 5+ years...

Get that chip unlocked-then the gamez begin!
:D -----welcome to overclockers.com.:)

Maximus Nickus

Senior Shaman
Oct 4, 2001
Milton Keynes, U.K.
Its all down to cooling and voltage.

Either you have insane noise with air or go H20. I'm running my RAM at 3.2V (default was 2.5V!) to achieve 175FSB Cas2.

And when I get around to moddin this voltage to 3.5V I could probaby hit over 185FSb Cas2. I mean people have gotten 195FSB:eek: (cas2)

You need to percevere, read and encode (take in) all the information you see, and then take the occasional risk (Volt Mods) and go for it!!!
Although with the introduction of the Grabbers Volt Modding isn't hard at all.

And of course, ask!!!
Good Luck for the future, and remeber one rule: "Watch your temps like a hawk".



Feb 21, 2002
Alrighty, so what's volt mod? Is it just changing the voltage of the RAM or is there something else to it? Anyhow, I'm able to get my comp up to 168 fsb. Can't break 170 though. I'm gonna get some ram sinks soon. But hey, any help over here would be greatly appreciated.



Feb 26, 2002
i have same problem

i can run my memory a cas 2 only cas 2.5

blue screen no run

i have xp1900 unlocked 173 x 10 , epox 8k3a+ , ax-7 with delta 80mm, artic silver 3, kingmax pc2700 , thermaltake memory cooling kits with fan

what is my problem??
i have 2.7 ddr voltage

i cant run a cas 2 no normal 133 x 12, no overclocked 173 x 10