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How do you know how to adjust the core and memory?

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New Member
Jul 2, 2001
I have an Asus 7700 GeForce2 GTS and I have no idea how to adjust the core and memory settings. I believe the default is 200/333. If I bump them up and I have problems, how do I know if I should bring down the core, voltage, or both? Is is simply trial and error? What are general guidlines?

Thanks for the help!
Do one at a time running 3d mark after making adjustments until you get lockups for the core and arifacts or lockups for the memory.Then back off to the last good setting.
JCLJorgenson (Jul 06, 2001 01:09 p.m.):
Is i(t) simply trial and error? What are general guidlines?

Thanks for the help!

Yup! No voltage changes, just raise the GPU as high as it will go without creating lines/distortions, and do the same with the memory (see my signature what what I've accomplished with my particular card).

There are many variables to take into consideration: quality of heatsink and fan, quality of processor, memory, and system temp (the higher the temps get the less overclocking will take place).
So basically you first adjust the core as far up as you can without causing problems, then (with the core at its peak level) you start to adjust up the memory? In other words, you don't adjust both up at the same time? Because if you did, how would you know which setting is causing the problems?

As a percent, can the memory typically be adjusted higher than the core (or vice versa?)