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How do you know the exact size of a fan?

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The Xtreme Senior Nobody
Jun 21, 2001
Well that question pretty much asks my question. Im curious as to how you tell the exact size of a fan. I have several fans around here and I honestly am not to sure what the size of them is. How can you tell the size of fans? Do you measure from corner to corner? One side to the other? I would like to know so I can order some grills for these fans here that I plan on using in my present case.


One side to the other is how you do it. I have a ruler I use and I get the exact measurement that way.
Ok, and they all will typically be measured by millimeters right?

Like the pic here?
eh... um.. yea.. I meant 80mm... :D

Hmm... ok... I just measured one of the fans. I dont have a metric tape. Only one in standard. I know that there are 2.54cm per inch. I measured them and they were 3inches & 6/10 of an inch total. So by my (rough) figuring, they came up to be 66.04mm's. Is this right? Or did I figure wrong?
I wanted to double check my figuring so I grabbed one of the new fans I bought that were 120's. I did the same figuring I did on the others and these came up to 119.38mm's from one side to the other. Which I would say qaulifies as 120's. So whats the deal with the others? Any ideas?
That's strange. I have a ruler with both metric and standard. i dont have it handy right now but maybe your figures are off a little.
Ok, it seems I was off in my math... odd... did it the same way the 2nd time and it wasnt... ah well.. gawd these seem awful small for 92's... hmm ok thanks!~!
Nope, it was 3.6 inches.... dunno.. Im real good at basic math but sometimes I just blink and I miss a portion of it... lol.. ah well.. I got it now...!~!