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how do you lapping hs and cpu

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New Member
Jan 10, 2001
I know that you are supoposed to sand the hs flat using really fine sand paper but are you supposed to sand the proccesor flat as well. I have a globalwin 32 and a amd 1 gig tb. i get temos of 27 idle and 47 under full load while running at 1177mhz just trying to find a way to cool it more with out spending money
Sanding socket cpus (AMD socket A, Intel socket 370) is dodgy, as the actual cpu core is exposed. People used to sand the slot cpus, because they had a heat spreading plate on them which could be sanded safely. You probably wouldn't get much of a temp drop anyway, if any. 47C is fine for a tbird - if you dropped it to 40 you could probably get 1200 or higher, but it'd take more than lapping to get you there (start thinking watercooling, or huge-*** hsf's like the swiftech - http://www.swiftnets.com/MC462.htm ).