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How do you overclock a Video Card

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Apr 18, 2001
I've overclocked plenty of things but I have never vebtured into a videocards realm, could someone please tell me how to overclock a videocard. I've got an agp Geforce 256 with 32 mb of sdram.

The Gforce 256 overclocks quite well and there is software to do it on http://tweakfiles.com called NvMax which not only gives you full controll over your card but downloads the latest drivers as well in normal or beta format.. will also give you this warning.. some Gforce 256's GPU's get rather warm and I would suggest checking if the fan on it (if it has one) and seeing if it draws its power from the graphics card, if this is the case I would move it so the power came from another route.. Another modifcation you can do if your good with a soldering iron is to make the card register as a Quadro
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Well, when u overclock a vidcard, u use a program. U can get a good one here: http://www.tweakfiles.com/video/geforcetweakutility.html

When u have installed the program, go into overclocking-part of it. There are 2 squares one is memory speed, the other is core speed. Slowly increase these two numbers, one at the time, I think u should start with the memory. When u have increased the number, run 3D mark a couple of times, and u are getting a nice clean picture, increase a little more. When u are starting to get some weird pictures ( Dot's, funny colors and lines), u go a few MHz down, and that's about it. Then u do the same with the core speed.
It's actually very simple.
Good luck
I want to thank everyone for helping me with my project. Mission Accomplished!
I love Powerstrip and byb GOD I am gonna register it one of these days. I prefer version 2.75.04 to the latest release. It's probably just my reluctance to learn new things but the previous release just has a better "feel" to me.