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how do you think this Water Cooling will do for a Radeon 9700?

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Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
I just orderd online from a few places, at Becooling...

Black Ice Extreme EVO 2.
18feet 1/2 inch tubing.

at Xtwerkz.com...

MCW50 with 1/2 inch barbs.
videocard waterblock.

MCP3000 Swiftech Pump.
(I like the design, small size and half inch connections)


Enermax 120mm Adjustable, 1500-2300 fan.

I plan on getting a nortbridge chipset cooler, not cause I am worried about the temps, but to get rid of noise the fan makes, I am trying to get as silent as possible.
I like the dangerden Z4 with the copper top, don't trust the lucite stuff...

and still looking for a Innova-Tank...res.

I am just wondering, how I did, for choosing my parts indivually.
there was no place to get everything in one spot.
thats why I was kinda all over the map for what I bought.

I am gonna build a seperate case, to keep most of the water cooling in, and run the lines in a PCI slot.
still just kinda winging it, just hoping it will all go together and be nice and easy to work, but I am not too worried about it.

I get my prometeia in 2 days, so I am not looking for a full CPU kit, more like a cooling solution for everything else.

now I am just gonna wait for the parts...
in the mean time, I wanna start going to home depot or something and look for something to make a case for all this.