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How does a GTX 460 at 900 mhz fair against a 580/470/480/560ti

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Jun 10, 2014
san jose CA
hello folks for resolution of 1920x1080 how much is a 460 at these clocks behind in gaming performance
core clock 900 mhz
memory clock 2100 mhz

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
I think more information may be needed.

Such as parts in use in the system.


Just because depending upon age of the parts it might be bottlenecked by the CPU or RAM.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
It may catch up the 470... Surely won't come close to the 580, 560ti, or 480. Parts be damned if you are comparing like to like.

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Is this GTX 460 have 768MB or 1GB of onboard memory?

It does make a difference, as the 768MB and 1GB cards apparently had more physical differences than just the amount of memory.

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Testing on my backup PC.

Case: Cooler Master 690 II Advanced
CPU: Intel Q6600 SLACR @3.4GHz @1.28v
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R
RAM: 8GB G.Skill [email protected]
Power Supply: Corsair HX750W
Cooling: Corsair H80
Video: Gigabyte GTX 460/EVGA GTX 570 HD
HDD: Western Digital 320GB Caviar Blue (OS)
500GB Caviar Black (Storage)
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

GTX 460 768MB with core overclocked to 850MHz (couldn't seen to get anything above 850MHz stable) and memory at stock frequency (I have no heatsinks on my RAM chips):
Tests run on Battlefield 4 on Low graphics settings, as it was completely unplayable on any other graphics quality level.

Min FPS: 18
Max FPS: 61
Average FPS: 32-46.4 (averages across multiple test runs)

GTX 570 1.25GB:
Min FPS: 21
Max FPS: 67
Average FPS: 43

Game feels considerably less glitchy with a GTX 570 than it does with a GTX 460, and much more comfortably playable. The 460 is weird because it's usually in the 25-40 FPS range, but will randomly drop down to 10-15 FPS at times (and all the way down to 1-5 FPS if played at Medium settings or above). So, the 460 will randomly become like watching a slideshow while in a game.
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SPL Tech

Nov 28, 2006
460 is unplayable for most modern games at that resolution. It's just too old. You would have to run minimal settings at 1080p. It would look better to drop down to 720p and up the settings slightly, but even then there is only so far you could go.