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How does fsb affect a processor's memory bandwidth?

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Aug 20, 2002
Just wondering, since P4's have such a high fsb and are said to be able to use high bandwidth ram better than the XP's. And if you just overclock the XP to 200fsb, would it still be bottlenecking XMS 3200?
if you can get youre fsb to run stable @200 than you would be able to use the full bandwidth of the pc3200.

i ran into the same question on my shuttle ak35gt2 kt333 chipset. i was runn an xp2200+ at regullar buss speeds of 133 and i had pc 2700 dddr but it was bottlenecking and only giving me 2064mb/s(pc2100 speeds) i unlocked the chip and started running 166(333fsb)and was able to utilize the total bandwidth of 2659mb/s. the only problem was the shuttle mobo diddn't support a 1/5 divider and the system was unstable. i could run memory benches with sisoft sandra but i couldn't play any games or anything.

but yes you should be able to utilize the total bandwidth ,but it mainly depends on how good of a board you are running.
think of the fsb as a waterpipe.the higher the water pressure the more water that passes thru the pipe.same thing with your memory bandwidth. as the fsb increases so does your memory bandwidth.