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How does mirror raid work?

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May 9, 2006
Once you've got a system up and running and one drive goes bad or has an issue due to bad sectors or what-have-you, how do you manage these drives?

For example, if one of the drives wouldn't cause windows to boot, but unplugging one of them does allow windows to boot. What do you do to that other drive to restore it to it's proper place in the mirror?

At boot up, in the raid config, there is the option to rebuild. Which drive do I select the rebuild option on? Or is it just in general/overall, that the command isn't being drive specific?
In windows I see that both drives are labeled as basic, I can just change them to dynamic and put the mirror back together that way right?

I am confused as to which option I should use. Any benefits cons?
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Depends. Are you running hardware or software RAID? It sounds like hardware in which case you need need to go into the Raid BIOS during post, after adding in the replacement drive and rebuild the array. Not too difficult. Make sure that the new drive is equal or greater than the good drive. If it is greater than you will loose the difference in space. IE if you have 40gb drive and add a 80 then you will only be able to use 40gb on the 80 and waste the ther 40. You want to do a rebuild, once in the menus you should be able to see that one of the disks isnt online bring it online and allow the rebuild. WHat is the raid bios? I may be able to look up a blow by blow