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How does my setup sound? (Before I buy :-) )

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Senior Member
Jul 8, 2002
I just got a Maze 3 (thanks Nikhsub1!)

For the rest, I think I'll order from DTEK because they have everything I want.

Eheim 1250
10' Tygon 1/2"
Cooler Core Combo
1 additional shroud
2 delta mid CFM fans (attached to rheo.)

1/2" T
90' Pump adapter

What else will I need? I decided to go for a t-line and no reservoir. This is my first time watercooling, so if you know of any additional adapters, etc. that I'll need, please let me know.

Does this sound like a solid setup? The hard part will be getting this all in my case.

Thanks :)
Hose clamps, try to get plastic ones, somepeople have problems with the metal causing. You will also want some sort of cap for you t line such as a barb with an end glued on it.
Looks good! So you will have 2 shrouds? If so, very nice. Avoid the 90 degree pump elbow like the plague, will kill flow rate. Avoid all 90 degree fittings if possible. I disagree with the plastic hose clamps, they SUCK! I used them once, stuff leaked. Use the metal hose clamps, much better and more secure. Go to home depot and get a 1/2" barb with threads on the top so you can cap the "t" line, here is a pic of mine:

Thanks for the help guys. I'll get the proper fittings. I'm planning on using metal hose clamps unless I run into some unforseen problem with them. And yes, I will be using two shrouds. Seems like the best way to go.
i was talking out of expierence (sp?) because i a metal hose clamp and the area around where the screw is would get moist because it doesn't "clamp" that little area. I now use zip ties and they work fine.
Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up ordering the setup I mentioned above. They only had 7ft. of Tygon, but that should work.