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how does my times compare?

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Dec 14, 2001
I am running mandrake and the windows client with wine and what I was wondering was how it would compare to others systems running windows. the cpu is a xp1800+@1725
Protein: p171_villin
[16:12:41] Finished a frame (60)
[16:15:55] Finished a frame (61)
[16:19:11] Finished a frame (62)
[16:22:44] Finished a frame (63)
Looking through my stats I've found that I have only done one of those ever :D it was on my XP 1600+ @ stock (see sig).

Frame time = 3min 55sec

If you had a more common protein like a P180, P182, pAla7-2 or P146 you might get some more to compare to :beer:
thanks for the info. just installed mandrake not long ago and have been experimenting with different dc projects D2OL, CommunityTSC, ECCP109 and now I'm back to Folding on and off so far I have done 5 wu's under linux but they have all been odd protiens. On another box (same speed cpu)I have a p610_tetP30_build_ext and it's a 200 frame protein and is going 4.5 minutes per a frame.