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how does radeon hold up on high agp speeds?

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Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
im thinking bout getting the radeon le(and then ocing it) but the main reason is that my Rage Fury Pro wont finish 3Dmarks2k1 Demo at speeds above 140 fsb(840MHZ)...tell me bout your experiences with this board...thanks :)
There was an article which I think was at Anandtech that tested the AGP port speed of all popular cards at the time. The Radeon made it up to 100MHz as this was the test limit.

I've got one that I never had to overclock quite that high but it has been up to 82MHz without any problems.

I'd say it can take whatever you throw at it.
I'm just at 75MHz right now with my FSB at 150MHz. How are you going to get an AGP port to run at 150MHz?

I'm a little confused.
oh sorry, i must not have been clear, i meant fsb speeds, because mine seems to go back to the desktop once i reach 140 fsb
Well, with a FSB of 140 then your AGP is only running at 70MHz which shouldn't be a problem for any card in my opinion. However, all hardware is different and yours may just not like that.

If your looking to get a Radeon then you should be able to run it at whatever you want. Mine has been up to 75MHz running perfectly stable before and, like I said before, has been tested to withstand 100MHz on the AGP bus without failure. I know of several who have theirs running at 83MHz now with no problems. This would be a FSB of 166MHz which is well within your limits.
oh no, 140 is fine, once i pass 144, it runs for awhile and then gos back to the windows desktop
I've had my apg up to 78mhz and haven't had a problem. I have a Radeon 32 and seems to be able to take whatever you can dish out. They may not have the pure muscle of the Gefore line but damn are they solid! I can't wait for the Radeon II.