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How does this look for $1370 (w/ shippping)

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Oct 13, 2002
replacing fire damaged computer:

Athlon XP 2400+........maze 3
Abit AT7-MAX2........stock fan
512 PC2700..........ThermalTake memory cooler
Albatron GF4 4200 .......TT copper GF4 cooler +ram sinks
Audigy X-Gamer........Via aqua 1300
48x12x50x aopen CD-RW.....DangerDen Resevior
WD 80Gb 8mb cache.......120mm case-mod.com radiator
Cheiftec silver dragon w/ window.....3x 80mm fans
420w PSU....1 x 120mm, slot fan
Blue cold cathode, clearflex tubing

how dooes that look?

Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
The Tt copper cooler looks good but unless you need a pci slot then dont get it, Because it does not do much better than the stock cooler. If you can then get the gf4 water block because that will do twice as good :D

as for the ram sinks you can get the nice looking crome ones which might be a good idea if you were going looks, but if it was for price than use the trape from your memory coolers and buy some radio shack transistor heatsinks, I have them and thay work very well, my ram is @ 700mhz :eek: :D

It looks nice hope you get it :cool:


Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
for board i recommend getting the original AT7 cause the kt333 is less buggy than kt400

for ram since you are allready getting expensive stuff and wanna watercool why not get Corsair XMS 3200 CL2 ram?


Aug 18, 2002
I second the Corsair XMS suggestion. It's very nice ram, stable as hell and it does already come with a heat spreader.