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How fast can you download?

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Sep 6, 2001
Irvine, CA
I had an amazing experience with COX's internet. It used to be slow as a snail. After tweaking it in the regedit, I got from ~200Kb/s to an amazing ~600Kb/s. I downloaded a file from around my area (Irvine)

When I download a file from HK, (friend's files through ICQ), it's around ~25Kb/s.

Highest speed: ~600Kb/s
While downloading Mandrake 8.2 the other day I had three 90kbps downloads goin.
My isp is rated at 10mbit down and 1mbit up, caps
I get about 8mbit down and 1mbit up...
Its Optimum Online, Ownage :p
Server permitting, I can sustain a 93KBps download with my Verizon 768 / 128 DSL. That's only if the server allows such bandwith, which most rarely do, normal would be around 55K. FilePlanet, however, allows me to use my full potential.
here on my college's T1 I get a range from 6k to 900k... it's really annoying to not know what to expect...
download speed

289kb/sec is the highest I've seen so far on my rig with roadrunner... only had it 3 months, and most of my downloads are from ***** p2p
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ive had some amazing bursts and semi sistained tranfers, but average now seems to hold around 200-300kb/s

ive actually seen it burst over 1mg<---wow, but it only happened 1 time sadly.

road runner isp.
i am capped at 3000/300 and am also on cox, it should be exactly the same for you luie because i also live in the irvine area (newport beach) to be exact and i hit my cap every day..but i average about 2.8 megabits down..
I feel a little ripped off here, my ADSL service cruises at a 83KBps download with my Valuenet 768 / 128 DSL.

I only ever really peak out at that during very large file downloads, usually with multiple downloads simultaneously.
i have noticed alot of ppl with dsl and some other connections with very slow performance, i think that is BS, u guys pay good money for a excellent connection and it ends up not performing well. These isp's need to get thier rear's in gear. I wud expect cable, which i have, at my average actual dl's 200-300 to be a good deal for $40 / month. I would expect dsl and others that are $50+/month to be up around 700-1mg actual dl speed.
I get 200-300 KB/s. I used to see speed bursts over an MB but doesn't happen anymore. Upload is a pathetic 12-16 KB/s.