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How fast is your Voodoo5 (Mhz) ?

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Jul 1, 2001
Hi guys,
And what cooling arrangement are you using?

Mine's @170, runs Quake3 benchmarks fine without hang ups. Otherwise will go up to 175 Mhz in 3DMark 2001 :)

Is yours better ? ;-)


i have had both voodoo 4 and 5 and have been able to run them both over at slightly over 180 clock and memory near 195 to 200 but never left it there for long periods mainly just to benchmark.the 166mghz was plenty to play any game fantastic with the voodoo 5 so i didnt see any point to stressing the card.
What was the max you could pull without using alternate heat sinks. Furthermore, does you card hang up while running Q3 Arena demos at higher resolutions?
it hangs at 197 using stock heatsink/fans i have the case open with a large hi output fan blowin inside the case to cool it all down the last v-5 i had burned up after running @193 for a few days (1 of the lil fans ceased up) but this card kicks butt. i use omegas drivers and his recommended settings and it is rock steady until i push too far. im lookin for some new sinks and fans maybe then it will go higher
I am using the 1.18bios do you think I should use the omega drivers? I have two and only have tried one of them up to about 186 and it seemed stable but didn't like it with the new bios. what do you guys recommend?