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How finicky is the Abit KT7 with ram?

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King of Cats Senior
Feb 2, 2001
Chicago, IL
I am looking to purchase a 256mb dimm for my Abit kt7-RAID and was searching ebay and lots of people are selling micron PC-133 ram for pretty cheap. Now, the part#'s don't match up with the micron recommended ram for this motherboard. My question is, has anybody tried non-matching ram in this motherboard and had it work? I know the savings aren't that great, but I've accumulated some money in my paypal account and what my wife doesn't know won't kill me.....
I wish I was qualified to answer. I can tell you that I have an old Micron 256 meg ECC PC100 (not a stick, like I said, it's old) that worked great. The same goes for the two Micron CAS2 PC133 256 meg sticks I bought at a computer show. Why not have Micron notify you by email when the CAS2 PC133 256 meg chips that are optimized for your board are availble? I'm down for three myself.
One more thought. My comments were directed to the sticks at Micron's Site. The circuit board the memory is mounted on is important. Lots of vendors put second grade Micron chips on inferior four layer boards. do yourself a favor, buy from a reputable vendor or Micron's Site.
Thanks for the advice. I happened by outpost.com today and while purchasing some stuff for work I found a 256mb Kingston chip that matched the kingston part # for my board and just bought it instead. it was 85 bucks with rebate, and free overnight shipping so it was a great deal.