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How future proof is the Alienware Alpha? Windows version not steam machine.

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Its already dated.

"Witcher 3 at 60 fps"... right. Im SURE that means 1080p and high settings right? *Rolls eyes*

It has an undisclosed "gtx 2gb graphics card", which could literally be a few different cards.

4gb of ram is laughable nowadays. This machine is essentially a laptop built into a small form factor pc. Not entirely uncool, but if youre looking for a gaming machine, that thing wont last too long, as upgrading it will be extremely difficult. At best you could probably add some ram and a bigger hdd.

If 300$ is your budget, get a console imo.
What are your uses for the machine? I vaguely recall from your other similar thread, that gaming was part of it? Like the others said, you are not going to get a solid PC machine that games for $300...
I would lean to the used parts market...
Could build something decent for 400 bucks. Like an i3 with a 7970 and even a small SSD...
Mobo+CPU+Ram: +/- $150. GPU $100/$150. PSU (new, quality one) 50. Case (new) $40. 1TB HDD $70. It's between 400 and 500 for a PC that would play most games on high settings@1080p.
Okay. :D I give up. Being cheap won't let me game. I'll just have to get back to writing for indie game developers.