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How good are Blorbs actually?

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Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
I mean, I have heard some people say that they really arent all that great, but the blorbs would be better then my original HSF on my Voodoo5 right?
yes they are better then factory HSF's but its too easy to go out and get a large HSF [bigger then borb] and cut it down to fit your chip and card I paid 5 bucks for a new HSF that fit some kind of athlon spent half hour cutting it down and lapping and filing my hacksaw marks off and gluing it on with thermal paste and four drops of super glue in the corners. best would be to use arctic silver glue. I believe even though I have not checked that mt temps are much cooler then the borb's would be [heatsinks bigger and fan has more cfm's so why would it not be cooler]
I use a blue orb on my geforce 2. It gets rid of a lot more heat than the whimpy stock heatsink and fan. The only knock I have against it is that id doesn't really seem to have enough metal to it. But I am happy with it. It is nice that it just clips into place and along with some artic silver I am sure that it keeps it quiet a bit cooler.
If you do a search on the net about the blorb, you will find that its one Thermaltake product that actually works! I have no complaints about mine.
I think it has a 15cfm fan, or something like that, not to bad.