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how good do peltiers heat transfer?

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Jun 15, 2001
how good do peltiers heat transfer when they are off?

just wondering... in case I forget to turn it on or something bad happens, would the the heat of the cpu still get absorbed into the H2O?
I'm pretty sure that they will act like a big insulator if you don't turn it on. I know that I had 1 fry a lead on me and I didn't hurt my proc, but it was a P3 1.26S chip, not a t-bird or XP proc, which put out a lot more heat. I was also lucky in that it happened from a cold boot and I had the side cover off and saw the smoke.:eek:

I don't think that it would be a good idea to turn your rig on without having the pelt fired up beforehand. I'm going to rig a big red indicator light on mine so that it is readily visible that the pelt is turned on.
that's a good idea =P thanks... I know one day i'll forget to turn it on cuz i'm dumb like that :rolleyes:
Pelts are insulators. If your overclock is maxed out for pelt cooling, expect to see a blue screen if the pelt shuts down while using the computer.

I would suggest using something like a Compunurse with a probe on the coldplate. Not only will this help in monitoring the system, you can wait until the coldplate is below zero before booting the computer.
NoKtEm, most of the paranoid eventually get around to
putting a relay in their systems so when they boot up the
water pump starts. There have been some fantastic
reports of what happens when you forget to turn the
pump on. We should all learn from those unfortunate
people. Pelts need water blocks, water blocks need
good circulation, that needs a pump that is ON.

Why doesn't everyone use a relay? :rolleyes:
haha good idea! what kinda relay do most people use? making their own? or do they sell em somewhere
NoKtEm said:
haha good idea! what kinda relay do most people use? making their own? or do they sell em somewhere

Most people just get a 12VDC relay at RatShack. There is
an article on the front page on this. Also try a search. This
topic is a regular.
There's basicly two ways to make a relay. There's articles floating around here on how to make one with parts from Radio Shack..check around the forms for that article.

Or you can do what I do....my pump is pluged into the same power switch as my computer. So there's no way i can turn on my PC with out the pump being on. All the power cords. monitor, PSU and Pump are all on the same power strip. Works for me. and i can turn on my pelt and water pump before i hit the switch on my computer to boot.