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How good will my HDD handle Hihg FSBs?

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Aug 8, 2002
I have a Quantum fireball 40gig 7200 RPM that isabout 1 year old. I was wondering if anybody know how high it could probably go FSB wise without getting scrambled. I really wanna go over 200 fsb, that is why i wanna get an Nforce and I am praying that this drive would be able to handle high FSBs. This drive came in a Maxtor box, so it was after Maxtor bought out Quantum, and I got it brand new about a year ago. All help is appreciated :)


Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
Well unfortunately I can only give you an acceptable range that should be safe to run at. However running above the range I will provide no gauruntees as to stability or hd corruption some can go high and others not.

Acceptable range 33mhz-36/37mhz. Most newer harddrives should be able to get within this range and be stable. However much higher you can get it is up to your hardware and you. I've personally gotten good results with an old quantum fireball drive, I could go to 39mhz before I would get hard drive corruption. However I would strongly suggest not to go above 40mhz as this can prove to be dangerous for the hd, and unless the nforce2 chip has a 1/6 divider onboard I don't know how far you could go over 200mhz since on a 1/5 divider 200mhz is already 40mhz on the ide bus.