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How hard is a dremel to use?

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
In the right side of my case, yes the side where you can only see the mobo tray, I want to carve the flame that i have on my avatar into it. Then i want to put some plexy glass behind it and a red cathode so it will look really cool. I have NEVER used a dremel before. Would carving this flame in be a possibility for a newbie? Should i practice on some other metal before? i am going to use my lianli and i heard that those are easier to carve since they are aluminum. Any comments?
if you have never used one before i strongly suggest you get some practice before you go hacking a lian li:eek: :) . But overall once you get some practice it doesn't look like to hard of a cut as long as you take your time. Yeah, your lian li with be easier to cut than the think steel cases.

Take your time and buy lots of reinforced cutoff weels! I went through 2.5 while cutting a window in my lian li, so i would imagine that the flame would take many more. :p

Also be suer to do your cutting on the inside of your case, because no matter how good you are you are probably gunna slip and scratch up the case.

Good luck and post pics when you are done.
cool thanks guys. I will work on it all tonight and hopefully will have some pictures of it tomorrow.

Nas, do you skate? blacklabel is the **** and skatin is my favorite sport. my have trick is kickflip noseslides, could do those all day long and not get sick of them.
honestly, the last time i skated was two years back when i had to go hardcore on soccer workouts:( i miss it though i wish i had the time to go back. Black label is my absolute fav. brand, still have my black label board from when i last skated.

Good luck on the project and keep us posted
I skate and it is soo fun, darn pesky coppers, Blacklabel is the best skate company ever though..... anywase i was thinkin of doin amod like yours, only with the barcode symbol(u know the one) but it would be really hard, i would reccomend getting someone with experiance in using a dremal to cut that perty lil case. practice makes perfect, in cutting a case and skating, good luck
yeah the barcode would be very hard to do because they are so narrow. Have you seen the video LabelKills? probalby the best vid i have ever seen. svitak and jubs parts kick ***.
I used to skate back in the day. That was 12 to 14 years ago...Man I feel old.:D I had a Lance Mountain, Mike Vallely, & a Bill Danforth. You guys heard of any of these skaters or boards?:D Again stated I'm getting old. Just take your time with the Dremel.
the black label flame would be really sweet in the side of a case, you should put a red cold cathode inside the case afterwards, make it look all that much better :D
I cut a window in my Lian Li a few weeks ago.. I started with a jigsaw but my blade died quickly and all I had left at the time were tin snips, so I finished it with that.. The other day I cut another window into one of my metal cases.. With the tin snips again since I never went out to get another jigsaw blade.. I actually had a much easier time with the Metal case than I did with the Lian Li, which surprised me.. That Aluminum was much more difficult to cut than I thought it would be..

Anyway, I went to get more Jigsaw blades at home depot and saw the dremels sitting there... So now I have me one too to go nuts with... still a little scared to try and start cutting with it.. Probably gonna practive on my old dell a little first :)
Dremmals are pretty easy to use, just don't bare down to hard with the bit or you'll just eat it away... I know this because the first time I tired I decimated several:D
about the skaters, lance mountain is still alive and kickin and is one of the best skaters of all time. Mike V is a total sellout and promotes any product that he gets paid to do so, however he still has that never sellout attitude. He has also turned into a *******. Never heard of Bill Danforth tho