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How heavy of a watercooling system do I need?

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May 12, 2001
I just got a Duron 750, and it's POSTing at 7.5X133, but I get windows errors. I could probably get this thing running properly with my current cooling, but I want more. I want to put together a water cooling system, but have a lot of questions. How much does a Duron @ over 1GHz need? For future proofing, how much would say a tbird at 1.5GHz need? Would a large radiator with two 120mm fans be overkill? Would a small radiator with one 120mm fan be fine?
go with an all dangerden setup. A dangerden cube with a 120 is a great setup. The quality of their products is great.
I don't really want a cube though. It would take up a ton of space, and I hate to spend $55 on a radiator. I want to keep this cheap, like the CPU :)
I agree with dunno260, the Danger Den setup would be my pick. On the cheap, get a Maze2 block and scrounge a heater core or build a cooling tower.
zision (May 17, 2001 12:17 p.m.):
I don't really want a cube though. It would take up a ton of space, and I hate to spend $55 on a radiator. I want to keep this cheap, like the CPU :)

get a dangerden block at least for the quality of it. Build a cooling tower instead of buying a radiator, or make your own with a bunch of copper tubing that I have seen. Cooling towers get great results too. But for ease and quality, the cube is the pick.
Heh, I went to my local AutoZone today and asked the guy if he knew of any radiators about the size and specs I needed. All I got was "uhhhhh........ here's a catalog with all of our radiators, look through it"

I may go with the cooling tower, I'd like to build external anyway so I can stay in this mid tower. My dad is pretty handy with plumbing and carpentry, I'm sure an afternoon at his house will produce something pretty efficient.

As for pumps, again I'd like to get away pretty cheap. Is the RIO 180 decent, or should I spend a bit more on a better pump?

I can't believe how some places online are selling 3/8" tubing for like $1 per foot. Local hardware store had 20ft for $3.50.
PLEASE stay away from Rio pumps. Get a Danner or Eheim. Clear tubing is 19 cents a foot at the local Orchard Supply hardware store.
What about little giant? I saw those for sale here, and after shipping on another pump it would be just as cheap, and I wouldn't have to wait for UPS.

Good places to buy pumps? I've found a ton of sites, but most of them seem to be little shops and I'd like to deal with a big trusted supplier.
what is so bad about the rio pumps.
I have a rio 600 and it seems to be working just fine
I ordered the danger den maze2, a SocketA shim, and a compunurse last night. Now all I need is the pump and to build the tower, which will probably have to wait a week or two.

Any problems with the Danner? Let me know, I want to get it ordered.
I changed my mind. I cancelled the waterblock order. After giving it more thought, it just isn't worth it. Materials would cost me about $100, and for $130 I can just stick a 1GHz Thunderbird in here and not have to mess with the watercooling. I can already POST at 7.5X133, and I think I can get it stable with a bit of work. When I get the shim, I'm going to unlock it and put a good coat of arctic silver on there and see what I can do. :) Maybe if I pick up an AXIA or AVIA Tbird, I'll be back to watercooling.