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How high can i blast my Geforce2 card?

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New Member
Jul 10, 2001
I am trying to overclock my GeForce2 GTS card from asus (v7700), but how do i know where to stop?

The asus card has a program smartdocter with it, and with this program i can monitor temps and fan speed and voltages, only how do i know when to stop with overclocking? When is the card to hot?

I also have a problem that the standard overclocking software from asus doesn't get high enough, it stops at speeds of 220/364, and i want higher speeds.

Are there any reference guides on temps and maybe there are some good overclocking programs that i haven't seen yet.

Anyone with experience, please help me

It must become faster...
From experience, I find that Quake3 is a good measure of a card's stability. Artifacts will appear on the screen, or the game will just crash out. Just use Powerstrip and ease back the MHz until the artifacts disappear. If you want to be extremely safe, go back a little further so you have a margin of error.