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how high FSB

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Oct 31, 2002
New to o.clocking & forum. I have an MSI Kt3 ultra2 mobo ,
1800xp proc,256 pc2100 mem ,tnt 2 video,stock HSF,
How much can i overclock w/o unlocking.
currently my settings are ... 133 fsb, 1.75v 1533Mhz, temp,
50C avg. Is that to hot ?
Firstly........Welcome To The Forums!!! :)

You definitely to get better cooling before you overclock at all. Stock heatsinks are junk, anyway. Look at the heatsink ratings on the home page for a good air cooling solution to get your addiction...er...overclocking started. ;)

A good goal for an 1800xp is to get it at 1800mhz. If you don't unlock, then you can't raise your FSB very much. However, with pc2100 memory you'll be limited on your FSB anyway. The nice thing about unlocking your cpu is that you can drop your multiplier down way low and then raise your FSB as high as it can go, which would *probably* be limited by your memory. Once you find your max FSB, you can then adjust your CPU's multiplier to find out your max CPU speed.

Also, there are a lot of great threads on this board on how to overclock (some are stickys at the top) and also great articles on the home page.

Lastly, I don't know what kind of overclocking options your MOBO has, so I can't give you any info there.

So welcome to your new hobby and enjoy!

I have 2700DDR yet Sandra tells me its 2100, but if it is indeed 2100 DDR, then its amazing DDR cause it runs a 200MHz FSB w/out a problem :D

My old stick of 2100 would reach as high as 151FSB, which isnt bad, since the CPU was locked.