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How high unmodified Gforce3 asus can go O/C

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Dec 26, 2000
Just asking how high I can push it, currently I O/Ced it at 220mhz engine and 500mhz memory and it runs without trouble, its a little bit hot tho, ram at 55C and GPU at 60C on full load, but the SmartDoctor says its ok =)

Just wondering where u guys pushed it at

Scores on 3dmark2001 is 6402 =)
Nice score :)

There really is no way to tell how high a chip can go as they are all different, you just have to experiment with it. Push the core up by 1Mhz increments, then run 3DMark2k1 looping for about 20mins, and keep going till you see image distortion or what not, then back it down 1MHz and that is how high ittl go! ANd so the same with the memory clock also.
250/510 for mine.
and that was with the stock cooling.
but even after getting better cooling on the core.
it still wont go past 255MHz.
i get 6800 points with 260/510.

I found out in registry how to change settings higher then supported on overclock software
im at 250/550
got 6643 in 3dmark2001.. should I push higher? =)