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How Hot are your water Pumps?

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Feb 26, 2002
When your water-cooled systems has been up and running
for a while how hot is your pump? If you have an inline pump,
is it warm? IF you nave a tank, how warm is the water?
My Eheim 1048 is cool to the touch. I use it in-line, not submerged. It is also inaudible.

My Danner 1.9 is also slightly warm running inline. My maxi-jet stays pretty cool from what I can tell but thats in a reservoir system. Inline is probably the way to go since your not adding heat to the water.
"Inline is probably the way to go since your not adding heat to the water."

no, just adding less
(unless you have a wet rotor in which case its about the same)

most pumps describe their wattage
I have a Little Giant that at 200W heats up a 3.5gal system pretty quickly
just changed it for an Ehiem 1060 that at 50W does rather less heating (but has only about 3/5 the capacity)

there is the heat from the inefficiency of the motor, plus the heat added to the water by pumping it

be cool
Thanks for the posts. I was trying to get a feel for how
efficient these pumps were. Without test equipment
the "warm or cool" is about a good as we can get.

If we knew how much of the rated wattage was
dissipated as heat circulating the water and how
much was due to inefficiency we might be able to
put to bed an aspect of the in-line vs. tank debate.

They guys who are dead-heading grossly oversized
pumps aren't doing themselves a favor.....more heat
from circulation and inefficiency.

At this point the Eheim 1048 looks as good as it gets
to me. It's quiet and right-sized. In-line of course. :D