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How hot is too hot?

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Door Knob

Feb 9, 2001
Alright, I just got the update for Asus probe and my cpu temps while overclockering where higher than I had expected. I am gettting 40C+ degrees on idle. I am just wondering where you guys temps are at and what I should be expecting. After another pay check I plan on getting a new heatsink and fan, along with a couple other trinkets. But for now my comp is back at the regular bus speeds. :*(

Here is what I had been running for overclocking...
ive got same setup as you. P!!!800eb@900 150fsb. ect. im running 13c hooter than you. thats right im @53c. and im not the least bit worried. i dont know how much more you can oc the EB ive seen some that have gone to 166fsb. but you know i think your temps are COOL.
hehehe I feel pretty lucky. My Tbird 700@950 never gets any hotter than about 33c under full load running seti. That may be due in part to the FOP38, but when I had my CoolerMaster DP5-6H11 it would never go above 39c. I must be really lucky. I'm just using some cheap RadioShack Thermal Grease. I think the words are= Cooling COOLing and more COOLING!!! Getting a better HSF may solve your problem, also with good case cooling.