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How hot is too hot?

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New Member
Apr 18, 2001
I have an Asus P3V4X with a PIII 700 cC0 running at 933 with a 1.7 vcore. It runs idle at about 32 C, and the highest I have seen is 55-60 with a few jumps to 80 C, but I think that's a glitch in the probe since it goes back down to 55 1 second later. How hot is too hot for my processor? I have been toying with the idea of going to 1 GHz, but not too sure if it will definitely be too hot then. Knowing the highest safe temp for my proc will help me decide that. It's running off an Asus adapter card and an Alpha cooler. Thanks!
keep it under 50, especially for the P3. That 80 must be a glitch, as you would fry it if it got that high. Try using some arctic silver between the core and the heatsink/fan. That will increase the thermal transfer and should lower your temps. Also, what heatsink are you using, a better one will give you lower temps.
To hot is when you can turn you heater off in the middle of winter and just use your cpu to warm your eniter house.
Anything over 50'c is too hot imo. If your running at 55' or so I'd reccomend a better hsf combo, artic silver II over the core, and better/more fans in your case.

Thelemac (Apr 19, 2001 03:17 p.m.):
To hot is when you can turn you heater off in the middle of winter and just use your cpu to warm your eniter house.

To hot is when you touch the CPU you leave skin behind...
I'm with the others I wouldn't be comfortable with over 50c
Well, I'm just using Radio Shack thermal grease now. Where can I get some of this Arctic Silver thermal grease? And do you really think I'll see that much of a difference in temps?

Also, I am running an open case. There is no side cover on it. So the only fans in the system is one on the psu, and one over the processor. I don't think I can put any fans anywhere else. :)
Depending upon the finish on the core side of your HSF baseplate, you may see some improvement. The better the finish, the less improvement from AS over plain white stuff. I am not familiar with Intel processors, so I don't know what temps are considerd acceptable for them.

id have thought considering your using no extra fans in your system that leaving it open is worse as no air flow, id prefer to have a decent fan with sides on and some good vents or exhaust fan ,that might help your temps
I think, in the Intel specifications for the P III theres something about 70 degrees max. temp. But I wouldn´t try it out. You would also encounter stability problems at that temp I believe.
What HS do you have?
What about case cooling?