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How I modded my Windows 7 installation - How (not) to install Windows 7

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Sonny, I didn't say that nothing free would work and moreover would be very interested in a freeware program which boots from USB/CD/Floppy which can partition 1TB+ hard drives and be compatible with new chipsets. Please post or PM me if you ever find one in the future.

I had to resort to commercial 2009 partition progs after actually succeeding in getting Partition Magic to work only to find out that huge headaches resulted later on due to incorrect handling of partitioning new large HD and chipsets by old software.

I therefore would not use old Partition or Image software, and it was a huge deal for me to give up the best drive image software ever made Powerquest Drive Image 2002. It simply doesn't work with new chipsets.

But back to your problem 1.Can you simply connect the drive on somebody else's computer? 2. Controller cards come with boot floppy/CD which installs drivers, don't they?
Just being a little 4n4l about it I guess:eek: I would also rather not bother another person whenever I need to reinstall etc. etc. The only other free route would be to get a hold of the Windows 7 OEM Preinstallation Kit which would allow me to do my partitioning work at my own time.
So just so I understand is this a way to install Windows 7 RC?

I look at everything posted and I just get confused.

What's this all going to accomplish?
JDawggS316, no. Do not install anything or try anything that looks remotely confusing or you will mess up your system.

This is for long time experienced users of Windows who like to tweak things. It's like a reminder list for people who do much of this stuff anyway. Or they'll do the same things but with specifics they themselves prefer. It's definitely not "the way to install Windows 7" for most people. ;) Windows 7 final has already been released to Microsoft subscribers by the way...
Yes! The following key controls it:

Double click on Default in the right pane to see
"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:3 /device:AudioCD "%L"

Technically replacing the path to wmplayer.exe would prevent WMP from launching and would launch something else.

The thing is: sometimes CDs, especially newer CDs have extra video content on them. I don't want any program assuming anything and launching, I simply wish to see the contents of the optical drive displayed.

To achieve that, the entire AudioCD key needs to be deleted. I would back it up first.
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couldn't you just set the "default" to (null) instead of deleting it?
Heh - that's why I backed up the key - so I can find out once you tell me something like this... let's try.

Nope, I get an "Application not found" error. Whereas deleting AudioCD key simply opens the optical drive with Audio CD in it with no application launching like it should.
Ummmmm, you have screenshots? That could be sweet. Just running mine stock, waiting for it to be released. Hoping I can buy a copy through my workplace for bugger all..... Maybe there's educational copies available.....

W7 was released at my University's engineering department a few weeks ago although I haven't gotten around to downloading it yet.
well by (null) i meant just clear the value. i just did it on my laptop, worked fine.
You can't just clear "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:3 /device:AudioCD "%L"

If you do, you get


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Win7 RTM Ultimate > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AudioCD\shell\play\command

default value in right pane set to 0000

gives Application not found Error.

Only by deleting AudioCD key

do you get contents of audio CD displayed with a double click.
i don't have any audio cds to test with. i'm saying right click on (Default) and click "Modify Binary Data". If you scroll above to any extension that hasn't been set, you can see that their binary data is "0000" but their default value actually says (value has not been set). When i simply cleared the value, the binary data shown was "0000 00 00" so i'm thinking that might be the difference between "set to nothing" and "not set"
Are we on the same key?


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Talk to me like I'm four and post detailed instructions pls.
in the right window, where is says "(Default) REG_SZ", right click on (Default) and left click "Modify binary data"
How lynchmob72? Place an Audio CD in the drive on Win7 and try to double click on the drive and you'll see.
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