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How is epox with returns

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Apr 28, 2002
North Dakota
I came from home back to college to day and i get into my room and try to start my computer. the darn thing would not turn on. I have pretty much figured out that it is my epox 8k3a+ mother board that has gone out on me. I tested the power supply and that is fine, i tested the switch in front and that is working fine as well. when i turn on the power in the back the computer does nothing, no fans no leds, all i get is my mouse light and the three leds on my key board flashing. I have the box at home and was pretty sure it came with a warrenty of some sort, which I have to chech out yet, but i was woundering what every one else had to say about epox and returns or about any thing else i could try on my computer.


Feb 11, 2002
You will need to contact who ever you bought the board from for warranty. It states this on Epox's site, I dont have the link handy but if you search their site I'm sure you'll find it.

I had my 8k3a go bad about 2 mo. after I got it, I sent epox an e-mail stating that the motherboard had gone bad I recieved a responce stating "contact who ever you bought the motherboard from and if they give you any problem to then contact Epox".

The vender I got my board from was very good about replacing it.

I hope this helps,
fdoggiedog woof woof