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How is this PSU?

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Dec 30, 2001
Mount Holly, NJ
a Tiger Pro 420w / P4 Approved... it says it can handle 18a!!! wow!! ...is this a good company? oh & it doesn't have dual fans..
:( ...so let me know the scoop on this sucker... here's the link:

If its anywhere near 3 or 4 stars of out of 5... i'de buy it... its only 39.00 plus shipping... and if can can handle 18a... thats pretty.. pretty F'in' Awesome, yeeeha! :D


Feb 28, 2002
Columbus, IN.
I hate to bust your bubble here Inteleron, but if it were me I'd be runnin the other way. Don't let the fact that it has dual fans make you think it is a quality unit.

I bought a dual fan 400w unit that supposedly pushes, 20A on the 3.3v rail, 40a on the 5v rail and 13a on the 12v rail. I paid $68 bucks for it, saving about $10-20 on the enermax model.

It ended up frying $400 worth of equiptment. I've since went through 2 rma units of this same psu. The last one I received may be going into my daughters pc, MayBe.

The amps are important, but there are other things you want to weight also when buying a power supply.

Go here and read this article that Hoot wrote about psu's, it's a good place to start.:)

Gool luck!