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How loud is the Delta 60mm 30CFM?

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The only Delta 60mm fan I could find with 30.05 cfm is the AFB0612VH model 60 x 60 x 25. thats the 12 volt model and it's rated at 39.5 dba. It spins at 5500 rpm. The famous Delta 38 is the same size but spins at 6800 rpm and flows 37.61 cfm at 46.5 dba. The Delta 38 is famous for being a screamer and I have one and it is!
you kinda get used the delta after a while i guess, its really loud, but i love the cooling power it has!
It not that load compare to oh, say, a 747. Seriosely though, I forget about the noise myself and there are two running in a small room that I live in (dorm) and it doesn't bother me. There are some people who it does bother though, it comes to down to personal preference. If your talking for a heatsink I'd say try them, and if you don't like it then you can mount a 80mm fan in its place.
DoorKnob is right, you can always change it out. Give them a try, they are great, i kinda love them. Its extreme oc, but thats why you are here right?
if i put 2 delta 38 in one case(vp6), what would it be?? sound like F-15 take off?? hahahahahhaa....... :)
i don't know, if you put some louder fans, you can drown them out....That is what I did (i love my 120s) they actually sound a little better as they are louder, but a lower pitch.
humm.......agree!! i like low pitch too!! high pitch make the sound loader then load pitch!! well...i had to put in 2 those monster in my case!! hopefully i can get in sleep at night after that!! :)
I can't put up with em. Far too noisy. If it was a "whoosh" it would be alright. But it's a "whine".

Give me water anyday.