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how low can a tbird 1.33 go?

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May 15, 2001
with air cooling? i have a swiftech MC370 on it.. i'm always getting 41-42C idle and around 45C full load .. (seti@home). i have an antec SX840 case.. 2 stcok fans in back.. 2 sunon fans in front.. no matter how i mess with the cables and such... i still get these temps.... . .whats going on??/ what are you temps with air cooling on a tbird 1.33? thanks for replies
I have yet to see any posts of load temps less than 40C so maybe you will have to go water if you want more cooling.
thats as low as they probably will get with that fan comination. What are your case temps? Have you tried running with the case open? What about having the fan suck instead of blow? All of those might help and they don't cost any money to try.