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How many 64 ddr Radeons are there?

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The OEM models are 166mhz, and the Retail is 183mhz. Also, 198mhz models are shipping as well.
Where can I find the 198mhz models?
Also why would the place I listed above be selling the retail versions cheaper than the 166mhz version?
nevermind..I found MooTs post on radeon overclocking and found the http://www.newegg.com/

Website that he got his from.
Now to get all of my money together.

Oh and Thanks for all of the Info...couldnt have found this card with out it.
not all of the retail ones at newegg are 198/198 default i ordered one last week and I got it and its at 183/183 default..just dont get your hopes up but there is probably a good chance
I should be getting mine anyday now! I ordered the Radeon 64 DDR W\Vivo. Not sure if it's an OEM or not. It didnt really say, So I'm assuming it's a retail. I don't really care if the core clock is at 166mhz. If I can run it at 198mhz stable Thats all that matters to me anyway.