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How many days...

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OK, I'll throw in too. I got a pentium 1, 166 mhz. How many weeks for it to complete a WU? Even worth plugging it in?
I'm just taking a wild guess, but I'd say 15-18 days for the 486DX and maybe 2 days for the Pentium. ;)
Had a 166mmx crunching for a while, it took approx 38 hours to crunch a WU, but that was a barebones windows setup (using win lite) and nothing else.
My Pentium 133 is listed on our benchmark page if anyone wants to see what time I got and what time they need to get lower than to be declared Turtle King! :D

My guess is about 5-6 days for the 486...
It's a laptop too... I'm guessing at least 10-14 days. I think it will put more money on the bills then it will on your units ;)
I just checked "ole reliable," a P150.

Projected time to completion on the current work unit is 78 hours.

This is with the regular Seti Windows client. Of course, each work unit is different that the next, but this gives a rough estimation.

I think it's only pure stubbornness that keeps me running Seti on this machine. It's always nice to see the occasional work unit show up from nowhere...
I just thought of something.... You said DX/4 right? If that's right, then it may be slower than I thought. The "/4" means that it has a 4x multiplier if I remember right, and so would perform worse than a DX/2 probably. It's been a while since I've messed with those things, but it would be horrible for WU times if it were like that.

DX/2 had a 2x multiplier and ran at either a 25 or 33 MHz FSB. DX/4 had a 3x multiplier and ran at the same bus speeds.

I'm guessing I'd be significantly faster than a 50 MHz DX/2, and slower than a 100 MHz DX/4, but probably around the same speed, give or take 12 hours/WU (;)) as a 66 MHz DX/2.
I'm beginning to formulate my own guess, and I'm pretty sure it will be at least a week, probably more. If Huckleberry's Pentium 150 is completing a WU in 3.25 days, then a 75 MHz Pentium with the same FSB would take 6.5 days, and a 75 MHz 486 should take even longer than that, since the Pentium is running at a much higher FSB and is able to do a lot more work per clock cycle. I'd give a range from 8 to 14 days, but I'm going to guess about 12 days.

We'll see once I get my memory in the mail and install linux.
You are going to run linux too, add another day just for that. Unless you run SETI in WINME