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How many decibels is your Rig - using phone application?

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Sep 21, 2016
It's not completely scientific so please don't pan me but I think it would be cool to see how my decibel Results compare to other users
and also see how accurate this program is if someone has professional Decibel reader.

By the way my computer is on my shelf only around 2 feet away from me so sound is very important.

I did the following
On my Android Phone I downloaded Sound Meter Pro by Mobile Essentials
Then I tested my room which is quiet and the results were 25db

I faced my phone at the computer from a sideways angle approximately 20 inches away from the computer.
I'm not counting the noise from the case fans into the equation because I disconnected them previously and found the loudest component
to be the cooler and it's two fans.

I have a Enermax Liquid Cool 2
that I nearly returned because too noisy
then I found that it had 3 speed adjustment on the fans and was on the middle setting I immediately changed it to the
Lowest setting and it was tolerable. I'm a little spoiled because I previously was using a Noctua D-15 and it's extremely quiet.

I can always raise the fans setting it if I get into serious overclock territory.

These were my results
My quiet room was at 24-25 decibels

Cooler/Fan on Lowest setting was 32db
Fine for being in a quiet room or regular gaming

Cooler/Fan on Medium setting was 34db
Fine for more serious gaming or Headphones

Cooler/Fan on High Setting 38db
You better have the game or music turned up and or wear headphones.

Amazing the difference only 2-6 Decibels makes.
One intangible is that on lowest setting a whirring sound I hear from the cooler is not detected
so an undesirable frequency was added making the middle setting intolerable for non gaming purposes.

Anyone game to duplicate my method and report results.
Or if you have professional sound meter equipment relay out how accurate this program is.

The Program also has calibration so if your room is quiet you can raise or lower to begin with 24-25