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How many have experienced problems with Abit boards?

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New Member
Feb 14, 2001
I was planning on purchasing an Abit KT7A-Raid board so I did some research on them. I have heard from some sources that they are extremely problematic while others love them.

I wanted to do a poll of sorts and see how many here had either bad or good experiences. Should I avoid the Abit boards and try a different company? Or are the Abit boards a solid overclocking platform?
I bought a KT7-RAID right before the KT7A-R came out and have no complaints whatsoever. It was my first OC'ing experience and first home built computer experience and I can get my Duron 650 up to 1ghz easily. No stability issues whatsoever.
from my experience the abit KT7 Raid that i have is bar none the best board that i have ever worked with .... (however i haven't been able to get my hands on that KT7A yet)

do or do not there is no try
duron 700@980 KT7 Raid
tbird 750@950 KT7
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Got a KT7A-R here.... no complaints after a week and a half of use.... except I can't get into my RAID setup. but with a lack of matching HD's to use for RAID I guess it doesn't really matter.