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How many of you are running Copper Shims between HSF and CPU

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Apr 5, 2001
I heard that these are reallly recommended. If i get one for my AMD, do I remove the rubber feet on the CPU or leave them there. I'm under the impression that those 4 rubber corners should stay on there at all tiimes.
From what I have read I believe that the shims are NOT a good Idea with a HSF, but are better suited for a watercooled\peltier combo.
I Bought One for Mine. It was only $8 and My clumsy butt would Chip the Chip or something Installing the HSF. And it doesn't matter If it's Aired or Watered...It's more for Insurance on not Chipping Your CPU.
I ran a shim for awhile and it worked well for me, kept me from breaking my CPU when I was using the Super Orb and the Alpha PAL 6035. Didnt seem to affect my temps at all.
i am, 8.00 is not bad insurance for a $200.+ t-bird, and it will most likely fit your upgrade chip in the future
If you're running a Coppermine (C II-P///)...ixnay on the oppercay imshay

Copper shims and these intels don't play nicely together, from what I've read....they'll actually RAISE your temps.

The up side of a shim, is it will help in stabilizing the hsf on the cpu die, and should help prevent crushing it while installing the hsf.

But then your temps are higher, so...is it worth it??

I used the "feet" that came with my Alpha PEP66T....nice low temps.

Mr B
jim (Apr 07, 2001 02:02 p.m.):
so u mean i should take those 4 little things of the Duron
No, leave 'em on, the shims have holes on them for the little feet anyway and that way if you ever decide to remove the shim you still have the feet for stability.
I bought one, as I don't have the feet for my Alpha. I had to peel them from my Celly b4 I RMA'd it, Unfortunately I bent the clip, so it's sitting in a drawer along with my Alpha at the mo...

Overenthusiastic lapping on FKP32 means the Sink sits flush with the core, but not the shim so I don't use it.