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how much agp speed can 8500 take, I'm afraid to blow it

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Feb 7, 2002
in fsb for agp how high can i do. The divider is 1/5 last time i checked.


Apr 26, 2001
you wont blow it. you can try raising the bus until you get artifacts (most common) or anything you think is not normal. you wont damage it.


Jun 14, 2002
Hampton Roads. VA
DRaZZ said:
any software to tell u what speed agp / pci clocks r runnin at ???

If you know what your FSB speed, it is easy to figure out. If you don't have.....example follows

If you are running yrou system at 133Mhz FSB, you are normally using a 1/4 divider......1/4 or 133 is 33Mhz. This is your PCI bus speed. After you figure that out, you AGP speed is always double your PCI speed.

So the only thing you ever need to know is the FSB and your divider and you can figure out the rest. BTW, most people don't get there PCI bus running stably at more then 41Mhz