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How much faster is the Voodoo 5500 compared to a voodoo 3

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Right now i have voodoo 3 overclocked to 197mhz and if i get a voodoo 5500 how much can i overclcock this card with stock cooling. Also how much better will it be if i add artic silver 2 and some better cooling.
I can get one for 90 bucks with shipping and it sounds like a good deal since the best price on pricewatch is 110
well i can only compare it to a voodoo 4 clocked to 183\190 and when i got the voodoo 5 without it being o\ced the card was faster but i really noticed a big improvement in quality of colours and picture.if you can get that cheap and are on a budget its a great card and you would be very happy with it.
I had a geforce 2 gts pro 64 ddr and i didnt really like the performance for the money
MUCH better. I upgraded from the 3000 to the 5500 and saw a world of difference. Since then I've upgraded to the G2 GTS, but for the money it wasn't worth it. Now that the GTS is sub $100 prices, I'd get that instead of the 5500.
They have the 3dfx 5500 at this online store for 58 bucks , but you wouldnt believe what the catch is! The card looks exactly like the voodoo 5500 and it is! The only thing is it dosnt support 3D!!!!LOL Yea i was stunned . The people told me on the phone because i was going to buy one . Isnt that messed up
My Voodoo 5500 bearly o/cs at all without showing some artifacts, with stock cooling. I'm considering getting a couble blorbs for it, though.