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How much FSB can a DDR2100 handle?

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Oct 26, 2002
Hello everyone. How much can you push a DDR 2100? Is it 166?
Do you need to get a vdimm and vcore up?

it depends on the brand- someone here got some crazy 180 or so- realistically, i get 150 out of mine- it will run 160 where the div kicks in on my mobo if i put the volts up to 1.85- but i have no sinks, so I dont want to fry it. I think its safe to say that you need 2700 to reliably get 166 fsb.
Also the latency makes a difference. CAS2 is better than 2.5. A stick that does 170MHz at CAS2.5 may be slower than one that does 166@CAS2.

my 2100 does 141, on 142 I get problems in AOM and only in that game, but heard it's buggy as chit so...
My crucial 2100 does 147 FSB but after that I think my CPU is holding me back, should hit 150 FSB easy with good overclocking XP 1600
I have a couple Crucial 512MB PC2100 sticks - one will do 145 FSB, the other tops out at 168 FSB.

Timings 2-2--2-5 1T BI 4, VDIMM 2.5

Haven't tried them with relaxed timings yet... pretty good for cl 2.5 rated stuff.
Most DDR PC2100 give out at about 166MHz FSB. What you gotta do in case you've got PC2100 is lower the latency timings so that you can add a few more MHz to the Ram. Remember, on all memory, more MHz will always give you more speed over CAS latency and timings.

I'd rather have my ram run at 200MHz with CL2.5 2T performance rather than 166MHz CL2 1T.

BTW, this should be in memory section, MODS!!

i got 2 pc2100..

256MB INFINEON that does 155

512MB MICRON that does 160

both need the voltage to be up.

my KG-7 goes to v3.00 on the memory:)

gotta try some 2700 to see wat i can get?.
=[8c0re8]= said:
i got 2 pc2100..

256MB INFINEON that does 155

512MB MICRON that does 160

both need the voltage to be up.

my KG-7 goes to v3.00 on the memory:)

gotta try some 2700 to see wat i can get?.

See sig. Not the most aggressive memory timings though.
i agree with ocmaster.higher fsb is much better than lower ram timings. i can do 186 fsb at C2.5 with my corsair 2100
169@ c2
thier is a big differance in my scores between the 2.the lower timing setting only increase the speed the bandwith a bit.BUT higher fsb is the bandwith.
c2 will get you a few more points in sandra bandwith.
high fsb c2.5 gets hundreds more points.even at same mhz.its the fsb opening up and pushing more info to the cpu.

dont let timings rule your thinking.fsb=life!
with my pny 2100 i cant only get to 160 fsb

but i just ordered my samsung 512 mb 3200 :D :D should come tomorrow and i think its cas2.5
after reading a few posts after my last one, you guys need to keep in mind that most of your "brick walls" you are hittings is from the mobo/chipset you are using.

it isnt till not so very recent times mobos could actually use all the fsb a stick could give.and even now some mobos still cant use it all.only a few have extream high fsb capabiltys.

sgamd and Fuzzy its your mobos holding you back.and fuzzy buying new ram isnt your answer.ill bet you dont get much more than 162 fsb with the new ram.

only a few mobos i know of getting over 170fsb with no prob.
asus kt333,kt400
abit kt333,kt400
epox kt333 mabey kt400 i dont remember seing one tho.
just do a little reaserch in you respective mobo forums and see what the average high fsb is.
but my board is kt400 i thought all 400 could get 166 no problem. Plus i wanted the ddr 400 and upgrade from 256 to 512. I hope u didnt jynx my deathstar :p
all mobos are differant fuzzy. i cant jinx ya couse i didnt do my special dance :p
i suggest you go read every review you can find on the board and the max fsb they did in the review.usually its a good indication of yours ability also.

just becouse a mobo uses a kt400 chipset doesnt make it a great ocer.thiers a differance between good and great.ask tony the tiger! lol jk
anyhow look at some soyo dragons kt400 i think it was them.anyhow a member here had one,same problems as you.its not a widley owned mobo so isnt many to compare with. but ill just say he owns a abit now.not becouse his mobo was junk but becouse he wanted high fsb.

worst that can happen is im right and it saves you months of frustration.i do feel for ya too.whanna know why?ask anyone who owned a ga7dxr? i had one, first mobo i ever bought.146fsb was my limit.so sad.watercooled rig that does 146 lol i even laughed after i got rid of it.