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How much heat does your pump produce?

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Arctic Silver Senior
Dec 19, 2000
After repairing a pump seal, I let my cooling system run overnight. I was shocked to see the water temp this morning. It was 32.7 C with an ambient temp of 19.8 C. Since the computer was not on, no fans were able to provide airflow for the radiator. In addition, the 120mm fan that usually blows on the pump, as air enters from the lower front of the case, was not running. Normally with the computer running I see a maximum water temp of about 27 C. I am amazed at how much heat an inline pump can generate. It would be interesting to compare my results with other systems, specifically those with submerged pumps.
Well Im using a submerge pump from granger(pretty good size 400gph I think)and im running a pIII700e@1050 with a 85 Watt Peltier,and a heater core with 2 fans on it,and My water temp never gets past 30C when its on for hours on end playing Soldier of fourtune(Anyone know where that last damn warhead is???)
Anyways.......I usually leave it on pretty much all day,and it never gets past 30C
the submersible ones put off a little more heat than the inline ,but your removing it more effeciently than just a hot pump in your case , I mean really ,its water cooling for your pump also ...how cool is that :0