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how much mhz would be dangerous for my video card?

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Oct 12, 2002
i'm running at 156FSB right now and my agp runs at 4x78=312Mhz, i noticed there is some draw errors during playing medal of honor.

how do i increase my fsb leaving the agp bus intact?
My PC's FSB is at 155 and I'm using a retail 64MB 8500...seems to be okay.
try setting the AGP bus to 2X. sometimes that can fix errors like this that are caused from raising the FSB.

let me know if that helps.
yep setting the bus to 2x let me get another 20mhz out of my memory and my fsb as at 148, so i just upped the memory by 10mhz to give its some breathing space. AGP Voltage upping next :)
as far as i know, i cannot raise my agp voltage on my graphic card and not going to inted to since it's very hot itself on stock speed already. i could only manage a 10mhz overlocking on both gpu and memory. SUCKS

about the setting to 2x, wouldnt it mean then it will only run at 156mhz? that's not even with the usual 4x which supposed to be 266Mhz
that's the idea ;)

most cards (excluding the GF4TI's and R9700) perform about the same at 2X AGP as they do with 4X from what i can tell.

it's worth a try.
sure, i'll run 2x for a while and let's see how it is... but now i think it's my monitor that has some problems, because when i run at 75khz it still flickers, and when i run it at 85khz it it refreshes from time to time..