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how much money to run a 420w power supply 24/7?

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Dec 1, 2001
New Jersey
since i'm going to be folding 24/7, my computer (of course) is going to be running all the time. i just wanted to know how much money it would cost to run a 420w psu 24/7. i feel guilty sucking up all of this power and then making my parents pay for it, so im going to hand them a couple of bucks (how much it takes) to run this.

so, how much would it be?
so could we safely assume, say, $15 a month? I just need a rough estimate, and I think that sounds good.
power supply efficiency

Most switching power supplies operate at 50-60% effiiciency. Half the power consumed is turned into heat and expelled to the environment. While the 50% rule is fairly accurate for many devices the current draw should be stated on any device carrying UL approval for home use. Only in a perfect world does input=output, and perfection is a pretty rare commodity.