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How much of a temp increase did you see when you raised fsb to 166?

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Oct 23, 2002
With my XP1600 AGOIA 0213 Y by just raising the fsb to 166 so that it runs at 1.75 ghz I noticed about a 4 - 5C temp increase. And about a 6C temp increase at load.

How much (if any) did your temp raise?
Well I'm not at 166 with my 1600, but I'm at 172. The full load temp went up by about 3c-4c, but that's also with more votage. It all depends on your cooling setup.
mine is almost unnoticable.
maybe 2c if that...

running my Xp 1800 at 9.5x166=1.6ghz with 333 fsb on air at 1.75 v. easy OC, very safe and stable and I don't need to turn my fan to Max to get it to do it's thing.
well on my 2400+ @ 170 fsbx12.5 my temps jumb from stock voltage 133mhz @ 41c 44c load to 51c 55c load im on **** cooling though... volcano 9 :(
It was idleing around 35C and when I raised the fsb it now idles around 38-39C. 45C load

Those temps are still good though, right?