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How much, on average do you guys spend on computer parts?

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Sep 13, 2005
Well, the title basically says it all. It seems to me, that to be competitive here, that you'd have to have nothing but the best parts.


Nov 14, 2002
competitive?? who is compeating, i know im not, i spend quite abit on parts but its not related to anything than what i want to do with them, IE video editing, graphics, gaming, folding.


May 28, 2004
I am somewhat competitive when it comes to benching. Its fun trying to out tweak friends :) Gonna go all out soon with my next rig, just using this axp to get me by until then :p


Apr 26, 2004
The Netherlands
I always like to buy a generation behind.

Example: 20 months ago, i bought a 9800PRO for 200€ when the x800 was hot. Two months ago i bought an x800 for 200€ while the x1800 is hot. Before that i had a ti4200, same 200€, when the 9800pro was hot.

It saves alot of money and will still provide great performance.


Risen From the Ashes
Nov 10, 2005
Since I got my new job in August I have spent an average of about $150 per month on my computer(s), Would spend a little more but I am catching up on bills, and I am saving money for the Spring when I finally upgrade and get away from Socket A. I would upgrade sooner but I would like to get atleast one more AsylumLan out of my current Rig.


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
I don't spend that much really - probably works out to less than £40/mo this year. Had to drop £75 on a new laptop hard disk and £100 on a new 200GB 3.5in hard disk and case fans and network card last month. Bought another hard disk earlier this year as well.

However, next year I plan to gut out the innards of this rig and upgrade to an X2, 2GB RAM and a GeForce 7xxx series card.


Aug 31, 2005
Once I'm old enough to support myself, I intend to spend money on 10 things: food and computers.


Apr 25, 2002
San Antonio, TX
I don't spend too much... I get a lot of free or cheap stuff. The 200gb drive in my sig was free; the 6800nu was only $50 for me. Someone bought my case for me; I traded a 2500+ for a MX1000. I won a G15. I got an Audigy 2 ZS half price + dell coupon.


Senior Headphone Guru
Nov 29, 2004
T3h [email protected]!
when i DO upgrade... i spend big-bucks. I usually plan on spending the following (and have every other year)

$250-300 on CPU
$150-200 on RAM
$400-500 on GPU
$100-150 on MOBO
$250-300 on HD's
and about $100 on a new Sound Card

Joe Camel

Senior Camel Kicker
Aug 6, 2003
---> NEW HOUSE 7/17/09 !! <---
ive been doing about 2.5k - 3k / year ... for the past 2 years.

its been 3 days since i bought something...but almost 2 months B4 that...i cant seem to stay "on the wagon".

im a self diagnosed (and medicated :p) hardware addict :D

now lets see Maxi or dumo's yearly budget estimates... :eek:



yes, if you want top 10 scores you need to spend some large cash but thats true with almost anything. think about this though; a rear wheel drive car almost always beats a front wheel drive car in a drag race, but that doesn't stop the FWD crowd from being competitive. -or- a F-1 race car will crush anything on the road, but auto-cross is alive and well. it all comes down to making it a "fair fight".

if it makes you feel any better, even @ my spending level, my rig isnt (really) competitive against SLI rigs...but among the single (ATi) card rigs, im *VERY* competitive.
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Jan 7, 2006
LOL i got my first job as an I.T. Technician a few months ago and with my first pay i went out and spent the whole £1150 on a machine lmao then i was skint for a month lol he he am well past the skint bit now though and am getting another 7800GT to go SLI i have nothing else to spend my money on lol i live with my parents and dont drive or have any loans ;) so it all goes to what i want yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

AMD Athlon X2 4400+ <<< (stock pipe cooler)
Nvidea GeForce 7800GT
Asus A8N SLI
2 GB DDR400 Geil RAM Dule Channel
300 GIG Maxtor HDD
680 Watt Hiper Type R Modular PSU
Thermaltake Shark Case


Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
$270 Radeon X800 Pro
$135 A64 3000+ Mobile
$95 DFI NF3 250GB
$105 Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
$50 Asus CT479 Adapter
$165 Pentium M 730
$50 Asus CT479 Adapter
$330 Radeon X800XT PE
$100 Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
$190 Pentium M 730
$240 Pentium M 740
$170 Pentium M 730
$250 Radeon X850XT
$??? Pentium M 780
~$250 Waterchiller components

About $2500 I suppose, though at least half of that came back in sales.