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How (not) to mess w/ Galaxy S5 - last model with a removable battery & SD Card

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Feb 18, 2002
How (not) to mess w/ Galaxy S5 - last model with a removable battery & SD Card

• As you may have heard, in their wisdom, Samsung and Google decided to not only kill off removable storage (!) but also removable batteries as well.... that's what the soon to be here Galaxy S6 will (not) have. So I decided get the last generation with removable storage and removable battery -- the Galaxy S5.

I've never had a battery problem with any phone, especially the old ones from the last century. One battery was always charging while the other one was being used... quick swap... no battery problem. That approach appears to be coming to an end. In the recent years, the battery life was extended to the point where I kept an extra battery in the glove ox of my car, and only used it rarely but those extra batteries saved me when I most needed it. Sure there are other solutions, but none offer the quick and perfect fix of simply inserting a fully charged battery and continuing on at 100%.

I don't know how much replacing batteries on the Galaxy S6 will cost and I don't know how much replacing batteries on Apple phones cost nowadays, but for $10.66:

I suspect maybe Galaxy S5 will be popular in the future for having unlimited local and personal storage through countless microSD cards. Relying on the cloud for speed, security... and for the network to be actually up when you need to access your files from the cloud... I don't know, to me having microSD cards in hand, ready to be inserted and accessed at any time and any place from here to the dark side of the moon (where I'm pretty sure you don't have access to the cloud)... that's a big deal.

EDIT: Immediately start and update App Drawer > Samsung Apps > There is a *major* battery killing problem with DCMProvider that doesn't go away until Samsung Apps are updated. Why companies release major software affecting such a large number of people without basic testing is beyond me...
If you accidentally update S Health, this will not help:
• S Health UNCHECK: Notifications
Instead, go to Settings > [under Applications] Application manager > scroll down to S Health > Uninstall updates > OK > Uninstall

I don't know if I posted this for my previous phones but here are my notes for Samsung Galaxy S5, T-Mobile version SM-G900T.

Two quick definitions:
• Rooting is a process that allows users running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android's Linux subsystem.
• Samsung Knox provides security features that enable business and personal content to coexist on the same handset. The user presses an icon that switches from Personal to Work use with no delay or reboot wait time.

• As of now, [March 2015], once you trip KNOX, there is no way to restore it... the good news is that everything else works and the phone can be updated... most people have no need for KNOX.
Samsung Galaxy S5 builds prior to June 2014 may be rooted without tripping KNOX using https://towelroot.com/ tr.apk installation file (the link is in the lambda symbol).

Before installing the .apk file, go to Settings > [under SYSTEM] Security > CHECK: Unknown sources > OK > UNCHECK: Verify apps

Start the app > make it ra1n

Turn phone off, then
Hold Volume Down, HOME and POWER Button > Volume UP

If KNOX is in tact, you will see KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0
IF KNOX has been tripped, you will see 0x1 instead.

If the KNOX warranty void line says 0x1 then you cannot use KNOX software.
You are still able to use all other features and install future Samsung firmware releases with the KNOX flag set 0x1.

• Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof...
To protect themselves from lawsuits, Samsung inserted a graphic reminder for you to make sure your battery cover is closed, so you are forced to watch this suggestive animation, all the time:

Check Battery Cover.png

This and other animations. This is like someone reminding you to put toothpaste on your toothbrush, morning day and night... every day with no turn off button.
To disable it:
PlayStore > Xposed G-Touchwiz > Download and install Xposed Framework when asked (or install included file de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v32_de4f0d.apk > Framework > Install/Update > Start Xposed G-Touchwiz > Settings > Popups > Turn all options ON.

• I don't mind that they re-assigned the menu button - developers can set whatever they want to be default, but as usual, taking away a feature people are used to without giving them a choice to themselves choose what they prefer, that is the way large companies work nowadays and any new startup companies should remember that the recipe for success is to give people options, especially after you take away an option that has been there for many generations of phones now.

With a file manager with root access, [ES File Manager has a setting to enable Root Explorer on Rooted phones], menu key can be reassigned, however "Ok Google" hotword detection must be turned off:
App Drawer > Google > Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" hotword detection > OFF

or else it prevents the menu key being used by some other applications.

Navigate to
System > usr > keylayout and copy Generic.kl away from this location where it can be edited in a text editor.

Look for key 254 and change APP_SWITCH to MENU

Rename original file Generic.kl to Generic.kl .original and it its place paste the edited Generic.kl file > Reboot.

• What's inside here are personal preferences, you will have your own for most of these. I am using the forums as my personal cloud storage :) when I post this.
But you may find a couple of things interesting such as how to disable startup and shut down music. I don't know how people live with those on, I mean if the phone accidentally reboots at 3 am, the entire house will hear the needless and loud startup music with no way to turn it off in settings :screwy:.

[Without SIM card and with SD card]:
Turn on Wi-Fi (but Skip Wi-Fi calling prompt) Sign into Wi-Fi if it's there >
Agree to EULA but select 'No thanks' to provide usage data.

Set up a Google account (do not skip) so that you can find out if there are any problems with Gmail such as "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server."

Skip Google+ (not now) > Only check 'Let apps better determine your location...' (Must be checked for GPS directions to work) > scroll down and UNCHECK everything else.

Skip Google Wallet (Not now) > Skip Samsung account > Skip Dropbox >

From Home Screen, slide down from the top of the screen to bring down the Drop down menu > [upper right corner] Notification Pannel options > Turn off Sync

Drawer > T-Mobile My Account > Settings > Options
Settings > [under Applications] Application manager > slide to get to All > scroll down to Visual Voicemail > Turn off.
Also turn off all T-Mobile apps.

Download Booster ON then Wi-Fi OFF.

Settings > [under USER AND BACKUP] Accounts > Google > Ads > CHECK: Opt out of interest-based ads
> Go back and TAP on Google account if it is there and UNCHECK anything you don't need

> Backup and reset > Collect diagnostics > UNCHECK Allow Diagnostics

> Play Store > Settings [three dots in upper right corner] > UNCHECK: Notifications and DO NOT Auto-update apps and UNCHECK: Auto-add widgets

App Drawer > Google > Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" hotword detection > OFF

Immediately start and update App Drawer > Samsung Apps > There is a *major* battery killing problem with DCMProvider that doesn't go away until Samsung Apps are updated.
If you accidentally update S Health, this will not help:
• S Health UNCHECK: Notifications
Instead, go to Settings > [under Applications] Application manager > scroll down to S Health > Uninstall updates > OK > Uninstall

Install SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sdfix to fully allow apps to use external SD card > Reboot

Settings > Sound >
CHECK: Vibrate when ringing
UNCHECK: Touch sounds
UNCHECK: Screen lock sound
UNCHECK: Haptic feedback
UNCHECK: Vibrate when tapped

Ringtones (store custom ringtones inside ringtones folder on SD Card)
Notifications (store custom notifications inside notifications folder on SD Card)
Assign ringtones/icons from internal storage

> Display > Screen timeout > 2 minutes
> LED indicator > UNCHECK: Charging

> Lock screen > UNCHECK: Camera shortcut and UNCHECK Help text >
Additional Information > OFF
Owner information > UNCHECK: Show owner info on lock screen > OK

> Notification Panel > WiFi ; Location ; Bluetooth ; Download Booster ; Airplane mode ; NFC ; Multi window ; Screen rotation ; U. power saving ; Sound.

Settings > [under NETWORK CONNECTIONS] Location > OFF

Install Google Keyboard app or better yet NextApp Keyboard because native keyboard does not have auto-correct options.

Settings > [under SYSTEM] Language and input > click on wheel to the right of Google voice typing > UNCHECK: Block offensive words >

for Google Keyboard:
click on wheel to the right of Google Keyboard > Preferences > UNCHECK: Vibrate on keypress and Sound on keypress > [go back] > Gesture Typing > UNCHECK: Enable gesture typing > [go back] > Text correction > UNCHECK: Block offensive words > Auto-correction > Aggressive > [go back] > Advanced > UNCHECK everything.

or for NextApp Keyboard:
Settings > [under System] Language and input > click on wheel to the right of NextApp Keyboard > UNCHECK: Vibrate on keypress > show number row on main keyboard > Always > UNCHECK: Block offensive words > Auto-correction > Aggressive > Show correction suggestions > Always

Settings > [under SYSTEM] Date and time > CHECK: Use 24-hour format

Settings > [under SYSTEM] Security > CHECK: Unknown sources > OK > UNCHECK: Verify apps > Security policy updates > UNCHECK: Automatic updates

Settings > [under APPLICATIONS] > Call > Call alerts > UNCHECK: Call connect tone but keep Call end tone CHECKED > [Back] >
(Disable Wi-Fi Calling to get rid of Invalid SIM message)

• Drawer > Gmail > Menu > Settings [three dots in upper right corner] > TAP on Gmail account > UNCHECK everything.

• Drawer > My Files > Device storage > Settings [three dots in upper right corner] > Sort by > Name > Ascending > OK

• Drawer > Settings [three dots in upper right corner] > Auto Scan > UNCHECK everything

• Start S-Voice > Next > I agree > Next > Start S Voice > Settings > Settings >
UNCHECK: Hide offensive words
UNCHECK: Open via home key (for faster home button response)

• Install your Apps.
(Install Avira Antivirus and Apex launcher last.)

PRESS & HOLD lower left button to get into settings of some apps.

ES File Explorer > To get rid of File Explorer middle of screen DOT, go to ES File Explorer Settings [upper left corner icon] > Tools > [scroll down] Gesture > OFF

[lower right corner] Settings > Directory settings > Set to external SD card.
[under Tools Settings] App Manager
[under Tools Settings] Download Manager > CHECK: Enable multi-thread copy and download.
Update settings > UNCHECK: Auto check

• Root device using Towel Root, which can be used on builds before June 2014.
Towel Root will not trip KNOX.
Installing custom mod like CyanogenMod will trip KNOX regardless of what was used to root the device.

• REBOOT once after Rooting then use ES File Explorer Options > Tools > Root Explorer [Regular ES File Explorer cannot be used for this] > system > media > audio > ui > TAP and hold on the following to be able to rename them:
LowBattery.ogg > LowBattery.ogg.disabled
PowerOn.ogg > PowerOn.ogg.disabled
PowerOff.ogg > PowerOff.ogg.disabled
Charger_Connection.ogg > Charger_Connection.ogg.disabled
Dock.ogg > Dock.ogg.disabled
Undockogg > Undock.ogg.disabled
+ rename all camera sound files & rename shutter sound files.

You may also place any sound file here and rename it to an existing fade in alarm sound (the Smart alarm feature). Smart alarm sounds are:
Angel's_Feather.ogg, Beginning_ of_Life.ogg, Gentle_Glide.ogg, My_Favourite_Memory.ogg, Shining_Star.ogg and Silk_Shores.ogg
Rename any of those files, then use their exact names to rename any custom sound file. If the custom sound file has an .mp3 extension, also rename the extension from .mp3 to .ogg.

[Phone's Clock Alarm has a Smart alarm feature where a sound can be set to slowly fade in.
However, even though Alarm tones list the contents of ringtones folder on the internal SD Card,
the Smart alarm sound cannot be customized unless you rename custom sound files to existing Smart alarm sound file names.]

> Turn off Root explorer.

• To reset default program: Settings > Application manager > simply select the app you wish to stop being default app > Clear defaults

• To reset default program for Home button (center button at the bottom):
Settings > [under Applications] Default applications > Home >

• Screenshot Ultimate > Triggers > CHECK: Enable notification icon click trigger > Settings > After Screenshot: Nothing > CHECK: Vibrate and UNCHECK: Sound and Toast > Timeout 1 second (not 0) > UNCHECK: Show countdown

> Go back to General > Settings > set Save location and Hide notification icon during screenshot + see Other.

Take one screen shot.

Insert SIM card > Settings > [under Network Connections] More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names >

• NoLED Settings > Miscellaneous > UNCHECK: Display NOLED icon.
Settings > [unerPersonalization] Accessibility > Turn NoLED ON

• Firefox settings:
Customize > Home > Hide all Panels except for Bookmarks and UNCHECK: Show site suggestions
Search > Remove all search engines except for Google
Privacy: CHECK: Do not track
Mozilla > UNCHECK all

• FX File Explorer + Root Add-on > Settings:
Appearance / Theme > Selection Options > Show Cut, Copy and Delete options in top menu
Home Screen > Customize Home Screen > UNCHECK: Recently Updated, Cleaning Tools, Add-Ons, Help > OK
Help > UNCHECK: Tips
File Management > CHECK: Text Editor
UNCHECK: Image, Video, Audio, Confirm Deletes,
CHECK: KitKat SD Write Workaround
Media Management > UNCHECK everything

• Start navigation once

• Open Messaging (but do not enter any Message conversation) > Settings > Emergency Alerts > UNCHECK: everything.

Messaging > Settings > Quick responses > TAP and hold any response to be able to delete it > Delete all except "Where are you?" and "Please call me when you get this message." >

Add > I am on the other line, can I call you when I'm done? > Save

• Default apps for
FX Text Editor for .txt
OfficeSuite default app for .wri .doc .docx .pdf .xls .xlsx
HTML Viewer default app for .htm .html
QuickPic default app for

Press down on Desktop and hold to adjust number of screens.
Home screen settings > UNCHECK: My magazine
Press on Home icon on top to set Home Screen.
Press down on Desktop and hold to get to Widgets

Set internet home page
To make a shortcut to a folder, use ES File Explorer > Press & hold folder > More > Add to desktop
To place web links on home page, first create a Bookmark in Browser then tap and hold inside Bookmarks > Add shortcut to home

• Apex settings >

Double TAP on Desktop Manage screens > Hold screen to be able to Remove it.
Dock settings > Number of Dock pages: 1 > Number of Dock Icons: 6 UNCHECK: Dock as overlay
Behavior settings > Home key action: Go to default screen
Advanced settings > UNCHECK: Report usage and errors
Backup & restore > Import desktop data

(Uninstall/Reinstall CleanMaster to get a 1Tap Boost icon on Apex Desktop. Disable CleanMaster Real-time protection if Avira is already protecting the system. )

• Lock Desktop

• Start Ultra Power Saving Mode once to get rid of the initial pop-up window

• Phone > Settings > Speed dial

• Use Super Backup if you need to delete Chrome Bookmarks

• Settings > Wallpaper > Set Wallpapers and Lock screen wallpapers > Pick image > Browse to custom image
then TAP on SET LOCK SCREEN WALLPAPER in the upper left corner to select it.
Use DSOTM.png file for Lock Screen wallpaper.

• Disable annoying "Check Battery Cover" reminder popups:
PlayStore > Xposed G-Touchwiz > Download and install Xposed Framework when asked > Framework > Install/Update > Start Xposed G-Touchwiz > Settings > Popups > Turn all options ON.

• See to lower Camera picture size and video quality settings

• Install Bluetooth devices

QuickShortcutmaker app > [upper left/center] Switch from Incremental search to Normal search >
> type in
> Tap on Settings > Ultra power saving mode

Also create a shortcut for Multi Window

• Printing > Print Services > Play Store > Select your printer brand > setup your printer >
Select Web page to print > Print preview > Setup printer > turn on Wi-Fi and NFC to install a network printer

• Smart Remote > after setting up TV > TAP on the arrow on the middle right part of the screen > Remote icon > Add device

• With a file manager with root access, menu key can be reassigned, however "Ok Google" hotword detection must be turned off:
App Drawer > Google > Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" hotword detection > OFF

or else it prevents the menu key being used by some other applications.

Navigate to
System > usr > keylayout and copy Generic.kl away from this location where it can be edited in a text editor.

Look for key 254 and change APP_SWITCH to MENU

Rename original file Generic.kl to Generic.kl .original and it its place paste the edited Generic.kl file > Reboot.

• In Call options, like Extra volume, hold, Add call, Call forwarding, Auto redial, Noise reduction (suppress background noise during a call)
• In Message options, like Schedule message, View contact, Attach: audio, memo, my location, contact, Preview (only in MMS)
• Phone Logs > Caller > options > Copy to dialing screen and Send number
• In Contact options, like Send contact information, (optionally selecting multiple entries then) Share name card, Send contact information, Mark as default [When you use applications such as the Voice Dialer, and for example, when you say "Call John Smith", if you have three phone records for John Smith, the Voice dialer is looking for the "default" number or entry.], Settings > Contacts > Import/Export
• When viewing all messages, search for key word, Spam Filter options,

• Closing All Windows: From your browser window, tap the icon signifying the number of Windows opened > Close all.

• Settings > [under Motion] Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture can capture any on-screen information swiping across the screen. In a single motion, press the side of your hand on the screen and swipe form left to right.

• With Air view feature, you can hover your finger over the screen and Air view features will be displayed.
For example, you can hover your finger over a scheduled item in your calendar to see more details.

• Camera:
Touch and hold to take a burst shot.


* Beauty face: Take photos with lightened faces for gentler images.

* Shot & more: Best photo, Best face, Drama shot, Eraser, Frame, and Panning shot.
— Best photo: Use this to take multiple photos in a short time, and then choose the best photos among
— Best face: Use this to take multiple group shots at the same time and combine them to create the best
possible image. Tap the Shutter button to take multiple photos. When Gallery opens, tap the yellow
frame on each face, and choose the best individual face for the subject. After choosing a pose for each
individual, tap Done to merge the images into a single photo, and tap Save.
— Drama shot: Take a series of photos of a moving object and then merge them together into one image.
— Eraser: Saves the best of 5 taken pictures and removes any passers by.
— Panning shot: Take wide photos.

* Panorama: Take wide panoramic photos. Press the Shutter button to take a photo, and then move the
camera in any direction. When the blue frame aligns with the preview screen, the camera automatically
takes another shot in the panoramic sequence. To stop shooting, press the Shutter button again.

* Virtual tour: Take a virtual 3D shot of your surroundings. Follow the on-screen instructions.
* Dual camera: Allows you to take a picture with both the front and rear cameras at the same time.
* Download: Allows you to download additional camera modes and options.

- To resize the front camera image: Touch and hold the mini picture frame until the resize handles appear, then drag a corner to enlarge the image.
- To reposition the front camera image: Touch and hold the mini picture frame to detach it and then place it in a desired location.

Camera and Camcorder Settings
The available options vary by mode.
* Picture stabilization: Sllows you to enable the stabilization feature to help adjust for jitter during picture
* Face detection: Allows you to adjust the camera focus based on face detection technology.
* ISO: Determines how sensitive the light meter is on your digital camera. Choose from Auto, 100, 200, 400,
or 800.
Use a lower ISO number to make your camera less sensitive to light, a higher ISO number to take
photos with less light, or Auto to let the camera automatically adjust the ISO for each of your shots.

* Metering modes: Allows you to set how the camera measures or meters the light source: Center-weighted,
Matrix, or Spot.
* Tap to take pics.: Allows you enable the ability to also take images by tapping on the screen.
* Selective focus: Allows you enable/disable the ability to select an on-screen object and make it stand out
from the background. The object must be close to you (less than 1.5 feet) for this feature to work.

* Recording mode: Select a resolution for videos. Choose from: Normal, Limit for MMS, Slow motion, Fast
motion, or Smooth motion.
* Video stabilization: Activate or deactivate Optical Image Stabilization.
* Audio zoom: Enable the feature where the device can focus on an audio source that is not directly in front
of the device.
* Effects: Provides access to pre-installed and downloaded effects. Default effects include: No effect,
Vignette, Faded color, Grayscale, Sepia, Tint, Turquoise, Cartoon, Fisheye, Moody, Oil pastel, Rugged,
Download (additional effects).

* Flash: Activate or deactivate the flash.
* Timer: Use this for delayed-time shots. You can set the timer to Off, 2 sec, 5 sec, or 10 sec.

* HDR (rich tone): Use this to take photos with richer colors and contrasts by merging images taken at
different exposure levels.

* Location tag: Attach a GPS location tag to the photo. To improve GPS signals, avoid shooting in locations
where the signal may be obstructed, such as between buildings or in low-lying areas, or in poor weather
conditions. Your location may appear on your photos when you upload them to the Internet.
To avoid this, deactivate the GPS tag setting.

* Review pics/videos: Set this option if you want to view each picture after you take it. Select a time value.

* Remote viewfinder: Activates/deactivates the feature that allows you to take pictures using the viewfinder of
a Wi-Fi direct connected device.

* White balance: Select an appropriate white balance, so images have a true-to-life color range. The settings
are designed for specific lighting situations. These settings are similar to the heat range for white-balance
exposure in professional cameras.

* Exposure value: Allows you to adjust the brightness level by moving the slider.

* Guide lines: Display viewfinder guides to help composition when selecting subjects.

* Shutter sound: Turn the shutter sound on or off.
* Voice control: Activates/deactivates voice control feature that allows you to verbally take a photo.
* Help: Provides an on-screen set of help topics.
* Reset: Reset the camera settings.

• Music app: Tracks TAB > Touch and hold a song from the list to select it > Menu > Set as > Phone ringtone.
Choose a starting point for the ringtone to start playing from

• Download booster: With this feature, you can download large files by using your Wi-Fi and your mobile network at the same time.

• Airplane Mode: This mode allows you to use many of your device’s features, such as Camera, Games, and more, when you are in an airplane or in any other area where making or receiving calls or data is prohibited.

• Near Field Communication and Android Beam
This feature is used to read and exchange tags. When used in conjunction with Android Beam, your device can be
When Android Beam is activated, you can beam app content to another NFC-capable device by holding the
devices close together. You can beam browser pages, YouTube videos, contacts, and more.

• S Beam
Beam large files directly to another compatible device that is in direct contact.
These files can be larger, such as Videos, HD pictures, and other large files. Complete the transfer process between the two NFC-enabled devices by placing them back to back.

• Nearby Devices
Apps > Settings > NFC > Nearby devices
Nearby devices appears at the top of the screen.
Shared contents > Check the media you would like to share > OK.
Allowed devices > Select the connected devices you would like to allow.
Denied devices > Select the connected devices you would like to not allow.

Download to > Select the destination of any downloaded (shared) content.
Choose from USB storage (Device) or SD card.

Download from other devices > Choose from 'Always accept', 'Always ask', or 'Always reject.'

• Power saving mode:
* Block background data: Allows you extend battery life by restricting background data usage.
* Grayscale mode
* Restrict performance:
— CPU performance: Limits the maximum performance of the CPU.
— Screen output: Lowers the screen refresh rate and reduced brightness levels.
— Turn off touch key light: Deactivates the touch key light to conserve power.
— Turn off GPS: Disables GPS and location services.

• Ultra power saving mode

• Backing Up Settings to Google
You can use your Google account to back up apps, Wi-Fi passwords, and other data.
Settings > Backup and reset.
Tap Back up my data to create a check mark. This will back up your app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other
Your Google account should be listed under the Backup account option.
Tap the check box next to Automatic restore to create a check mark. This will restore the settings that
were backed up when you re-install an application.

• Finally, YOU WILL TRIP KNOX if you do this but it will enable you to make an image of your phone and if you wish install CyanogenMod, you can.
I think it's a bit too early for CyanogenMod 12 (based on Android 5.0 Lollipop) but from what I hear it's pretty stable. Unlimited tethering, being able to mount your SD card as a drive letter on your PC and being able to modify additional settings, not to mention how there's no crapware on it... all those things are a plus over native software that comes with so many nags and lack of choices:

01. Disconnect Phone from Computer.
02. Install Phone drivers on the computer.
03. Double click on Odin3 v3.10.0.exe

04. AP > Browse to openrecovery-twrp- > Open

05. Simultaneously hold volume down and Power Button until you see the Yellow Triangle screen > Volume Up.

06. Connect Phone to computer USING ORIGINAL WHITE SAMSUNG USB TO MICRO USB CABLE (try different USB port if there are problems) > Wait for phone to be recognized > Start

07. Disconnect from computer. Pull battery out when finished. Then reinsert and hold Volume up and Power button simultaneously.

08. Let go as soon as you see Recovery Booting blue message displayed in upper left corner.

09. Press the Volume Down button to highlight [backup and restore] > Press the Power button to select highlighted item.

FILES ARE FOR Samsung Galaxy S5, T-Mobile version SM-G900T only.

1. Download openrecovery-twrp- from

2. Download and unpack Odin_3.10.0.rar

3. Download and install Samsung Driver

• Found this out the hard way when imaging one identical phone to another:

Make a quick TWRP drive image backup on the cell phone first so that the backup can be given a random name by TWRP.

Then copy the old backup you actually wish to restore to the same location and rename it using the same random name.

OF COURSE, DO NOT RESTORE EFS from one phone to another!
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