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How reliable is Asus Probe ??

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Mar 12, 2001
It happened to me couple of times.. I was using PC, and than all the sudden my Asus probe V02.12.09 showed that my CPU temp JUMPED from 51 C to 113 C/ ~230 F .. What the Fu..k .. the Hight temp was only for a split second, and than went back to 51 which is normal for my Asus A7A bios 1004.. Is this NORMAL ??? Also my Probe shows me from time to time, that my CPU voltage goes below 9 v also for a split second and than goes back to ~12 ........... How reliable is this Asus Probe ??? I am using Fop 32-1 CPU fan + I have 3 x 92mm fans on side door + 1x 80 mm front case Fan... My PS has 400 W .

Anyone else has similar experiences with Asus Probe ???
seems to me like the probe isn't reliable at all. i dont think i've ever seen a case like that. if i were you id'a get a compunurse or something. asus is notorious for having bad probes.
I know that the Asus temp sensors are often off by +/- 10C and are not really that reliable. That temp jump was just an incorrenct report, even AMD says your tbird is cooked then.
I'll completly agree on getting a temp porbe for a Asus board..I have the same porblem on my board.
asus probe isnt accurate, mbm is quite heavy software,

i dont realize why people dont use "MBprobe" its tiny and its easy to use, and it hase alot of options, AND its very accurate,
get at www.tweakfiles.com