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How should I set up my drives with XP: 35GB Raptor/2x250GB7200/1x8GB5400

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May 9, 2006
How should I set up my drives with XP: 36GB Raptor/2x250GB7200/1x8GB5400 drives.

I was thinking of putting my O.S. on the Raptor, then raiding the 2 250GB drives, and lastly putting my swap file on the 8GB 5400 RPM drive. I was told it helps improve system performance if the swap file can be placed on a separate drive. My concern is that it's only a 5400rpm drive. Think it'll still make things quick?

If I do set up WinXP on the Raptor, can I install the SATA RAID drivers later for those two other drives or do I need to set up the raid for those two drives during the initial set up of Windows?

Thanks in advance.
I think you have a good idea of what you want. You do not have to install the raid drivers to install OS on the raptor, it can be done after installing. The raided drives will work well for programs and games as well as large file storage.
Page file should be on both raptor and raid drives if raid0. Windows will cache to both and use the fastest available at the time it needs them. This also pleases both photo and video programs. I don't really see a practicle use for an 8 gb 5400 rpm drive unless it is for backup of OS or trancient files like video ripping or rendering.