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how tight should my pelt be?

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Jul 27, 2001
I have the dangerden2-1 water block but I don't know how tight to make it. how much it too much? also any recommendations for a good power supply for this 175w pelt is greatly appreciated.
well, i'd say if you have marks on your waistline, you've got it too tight, and if your pants fall down you aint got it tight enough!

oooooohhhh...PELT, not belt...
The pelt should be as tight as you can get it between the waterblock and your cold-plate. However you want just standard pressure between your coldplate and your proc. Pelts are supposed to have hundreds of pounds of pressure between them and the other surfaces for optimal performance. Here is my tip: Get a clamp with four arms (like a cross) and a coldplate that is to big. Use two of the arms a some screws or bolts to squeeze the pelt between the heatsink and the cold-plate. Then use the other two arms to fasten the cooling unit to your proc. Comprehend? :)
Torque em tight. Wait a day and do it again and even one more retorque the next day if you like. You may want to pull the block after a week or two and tighten the bolts one more time. When your cold plate temps go up, it's time to snug the bolts.